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iSLC Technology

iSLC is proprietary flash memory storage technology that was developed by Innodisk utilizing  our own firmware know-how. This exclusive technology ensures longer-lasting and more reliable performance than conventional MLC NAND flash. With iSLC, NAND flash will last 10 times longer than MLC-based flash, delivering up to 20,000 times more endurance and performing just as well as SLC-based flash, but at a lower cost. Clearly, this is an excellent performance-cost balance alternative for solid state drives (SSDs).


Innodisk’s iSLC technology divides into four states of 00, 10, 01, 11, and then increases the sensitivity of the delta between each level to enhance endurance and reliability. This means that iSLC is essentially performing at almost the same level as SLC NAND flash, and at the same time, providing a boost to Program/Erase (P/E) cycles.


iSLC is set to potentially replace MLC as a better performing and more cost-effective NAND flash as MLC flash technology performance declines over time and no longer serves the needs of future applications.

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iSLC Firmware Technology and MLC

 iSLC Firmware Technology and MLC



Drive Write Sustainability Comparison

 iSLC increase demands on endurance

iSLC has 20,000 Program Erase Cycles. SSDs with iSLC can sustain 32GB capacity drive writes per day for over 5.5 years, delivering a lifespan that is suitable for industrial and enterprise applications.