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Side Fill

Printed circuit boards keep getting smaller and faster. One drawback of this trend is that as solder joints shrinks they become more susceptible to thermal and mechanical stress. This is where Side Fill comes in as a cost effective method of strengthening your product.


What is Side Fill?

Side Fill is a proven and cost effective method whereby applying resin along the sides, the robustness the PCB and BGA connection is significantly increased. This drastically increases the DRAM modules ability to withstand mechanical and thermal stress.


Tension tests show that with Side Fill applied, modules tolerate up to 2 times the force before finally coming loose. The resin will also function as a thermal expansion absorber; in other words when the module is undergoing expansion/contraction, the resin allows for more movement while maintaining BGA connection integrity. The resin also functions as a heat sink by increasing heat dissipation, thus raising the threshold for thermal variations.


Recommend applications 

  1. Operation that frequently undergoes shock and vibration: automation, in-vehicle, aerospace and defense industries. Examples of these are onboard trains, military vehicles or industrial robots.
  2. Device need to operate under wide range temperature: automation, aerospace and energy industries. Examples include petroleum or solar equipment operating in the desert which sees large thermal variations, or equipment onboard planes which see both thermal and pressure variations.


We recommend Side Fill for these product series:

Rugged series, Wide Temperature series, Very Low Profile (VLP) series