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Innodisk provides complete DRAM product lines to meet strict industrial equipment requirements. Innodisk conformal coatings refer to chemical materials applied in layers as thin as 0.03mm, and up to 0.13 mm thick onto the surface of the DRAM modules, to create a protective film for components. The coatings on the modules protect against moisture, contaminants, dust and acid-or- alkaline materials, in line with IPC-A-610 standards for electronic components.



Our conformal coating DRAM can protect DRAM modules from Electrical or thermal conduction, moisture, heat, corrosion, dust, environmental contaminants. Besides that, we can bring more benefits to system integrators:


  • We provide professional repairs and maintenance

Innodisk provides a factory warranty for our conformal coated DRAM modules. In the event that the coatings are damaged in use, Innodisk is committed and responsible for resolving RMA issues. The system integrator can consider Innodisk a one-stop shop for their DRAM products, as the coating, repair and maintenance is taken care of under one roof.


  • We help reduce the total cost of the system

When dealing with dust and water prevention requirements from their customers, system integrators often require protection for products with IP (International Protection) ratings. This may or may not be necessary for the end user.  In an environment where direct contact with water is not likely, using protection products with IP ratings increases the costs of the DRAM module and reduces their market competiveness. In a dustproof environment, Innodisk can offer the right coating solution to reduce the total cost of the DRAM module.


  • We help extend the life of DRAM modules in system

Innodisk conformal coatings are applied to completely cover the surface of the DRAM modules, except the gold fingers. The coatings shield the DRAM modules from environmental factors and increase the life and reliability of the system.


Innodisk deserve your trust, because of :


  • Top quality materials from our supplier

Innodisk standard conformal coating for DRAM modules is composed of acrylics supplied by HumiSeal, a partner who is among the world’s top three manufacturers of conformal coating materials. Innodisk uses the fast-drying type of acrylics to speed up the process and reduce the influence of dust, which is compliant with IPC, UL and MIL standards. This process also provides excellent moisture protection and electric insulation, can be easily repaired, does not shrink during cure, and contains fluorescents for easy inspection under UV light.


  • Integrated production in our own facilities

Innodisk’s conformal coatings adopt spray method and are completed entirely in-house, to avoid negative effects brought by dust in an outer environment. 100% inspection under UV light is employed to guarantee coating quality.


  • Optional coating materials and methods

Options for other coating materials and methods are provided to cater for specific end-application needs.

Coating methodAdvantage
Dipping Quick process with less smell
Spray Better conformity of applied thickness


Acrylics Higher reparability and easier curing
Silicones Higher durability at extreme temperatures and other environmental conditions


We recommend our coating DRAM used in these applications:

  • Defense & Aerospace
  • Outdoor Signage
  • Embedded Vehicle Applications
  • Factory Automation