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Software Service ( iService™ )

iService™ is a one-step service that meets customers’ requirement at every stage of storage implementation by offering specialized skills of customization and commitment of customer-centric service. It provides a total software solution and monitors every step of implementing process from design, manufacture, sales and to post-sales.

iService consists of four stages described as the following –
Design Stage: Operating System Building Services


In industrial PC environment, providing stable operating systems is very crucial. When choosing the system, safety comes with functionalities have been also considered as key factors as well. Therefore, we offer customization service exclusively on operating systems for customer’s hardware platforms. Customers are also able to optimize the performance of systems by leveraging our system building plans and expertise.


For vertical market we use exclusive operating system to meet customers’ requirements. We condition from performance, footprint size, stability to increase the competitive edge of systems and products


A customized operational system includes:

  • Customized logo and own system shell environment
  • Establish virtualization system architecture
  • Embedded Features:
      > Disk protect mechanism
      > Shell launcher
      > Secure boot

For the operating system customization, our offer included Microsoft and Linux operating systems, to meet the full range of computer industry needs:



Manufacture Stage: SSD Preloading Service

We help preload a customized operating system into an SSD and test it before shipping to customers. Customers can install it into their system directly when receiving products. This service offering can enhance productivity and quality of systems.


We follow the strict SOP (standard operation procedure) after pre-loading to verify the content, which provides three benefits to customers:

  • Increases production yield rate
  • Increase productivity for OEM customers.
  • Improves efficiency of the assembly line for the OEM customer.



Sales Stage: Software Solution

We offer two assistive tools – iSMART and iCover, to help customers monitor all storage devices of systems and efficiently recover the crashed system quickly in any applications.


The powerful, Easy-to-Use SSD Health Monitoring Tool


iSMART allows system integrators to track important disk information, such as temperature, storage space, bad blocks, lifespan and firmware. Additionally, there are multiple user-friendly single click options featured on iSMART that can save hours of setup and maintenance time: write-protection, quick erase, and power saving.

iSMART offer API to integrate SSD information into customer own software solution. Support operating system include Microsoft and Linux.


iSMART Specifications

iSMART 5.0



The Intuitive Tool for Industrial System Recovery Solutions


iCover is a professional, easy-to-use, and highly customized system recovery and backup software tool designed for industrial PC usage. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows and embedded operating system. Simple recovery works to prevent the system from crashing and helps restore it efficiently if it does.


iCover Specifications


Post-Sale Stage: Software Consulting Service

Even after the completed sales transaction, we keep working for customers.

Take advantage of our experienced consultants to create, expand or optimize your product while gaining hands-on knowledge for your team. 


Our software consultant services include:

  • Professional system integrations  consultations
  • Embedded system and software troubleshooting.
  • Provide customer to design and build up prototype operating system.