Rugged / Special Customized / DRAM - Innodisk Corporation
Special Customized
Innodisk provides a range of exclusive and advanced DRAM modules to fulfill special needs, such as for rugged environments and special mini-sizes.
Rugged DIMM modules are designed with a pair of mounting holes for more secure mounting on the CPU board. Resistant to shock and vibration, they allow stable system operation for automobile and harsh environment applications. In addition, these modules are compliant with JEDEC standards, with dimensions extended by 10 mm.
Module Type Series Data Rate Pin Number
DDR2 SODIMM Rugged DIMM (Wide Temp.) 400 MT/s, 533 MT/s, 667 MT/s, 800 MT/s 200pin
DDR3 SODIMM Rugged DIMM (Wide Temp.) 1066 MT/s, 1333 MT/s, 1600 MT/s 204pin
DDR2 SODIMM Rugged DIMM 400 MT/s, 533 MT/s, 667 MT/s, 800 MT/s 200pin