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Embedded DRAM Modules are standard products for IPC and PC embedded systems.
Small-outline DIMMs (SO-DIMM) modules are general DRAM modules meant to be uses as standard products for embedded applications with limited space. These modules are compliant with JEDEC standards and help in eliminating the need for changing designs due to space issues.
Module Type Series Data Rate Pin Number
DDR4 SODIMM Standard 2133 MT/s, 2400 MT/s, 2666 MT/s 260pin
DDR3 SODIMM Standard 1066 MT/s, 1333 MT/s, 1600 MT/s 204pin
DDR2 SODIMM Standard 533 MT/s, 667 MT/s, 800 MT/s 200pin
DDR SODIMM Standard 333 MT/s, 400 MT/s 200pin
SDRAM SODIMM Standard 100 MT/s, 133 MT/s 144pin