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Embedded Disk Card (EDC)
The EDC offers high-capacity solid-state flash memory that allows simple and fast path upgrades. This embedded solid-state data storage system solution for industrial applications complies with PCMCIA* ATA standards and fits into all platforms with an IDE connector. The Innodisk Embedded Disk Card comes in capacities ranging from 128MB to 32GB and is available in 40-pin and 44-pin connector packages.
Model Name Interface Flash Type Type Compare
EDC 1SE2 PATA SLC Horizontal
EDC 1SE2 Vertical PATA SLC Vertical
EDC 1SE Vertical PATA SLC Vertical
EDC 1SE Horizontal PATA SLC Horizontal
EDC 1ME Vertical PATA MLC Vertical
EDC 1ME Horizontal PATA MLC Horizontal
EDC 4000 Vertical PATA SLC Vertical
EDC 4000 Horizontal PATA SLC Horizontal
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